Focused Post Acute Care Partners


Every Day Begins with the Expectation of Excellence


In deciding what to name our company, we brainstormed on how we articulate our philosophy, define our mission and convey our purpose. We came up with several different ideas but we all kept coming back to the word Focus. Some definitions of the word focus include: the center of interest or activity; able to see clearly; pay particular attention to.

Focus is a trait we look for in our leadership and our team members and it is something we strive to enhance in everything we do. And to use one definition of focus - the center of interest – we expand that to include the expectation of excellence. We are focused with an expectation of excellence in the delivery of long term care to every patient every day.

Focused Post Acute Care Partners (FPACP) is joining communities across Texas that embody the small town values of kindness, patience, compassion and contribution. We have “moved in” to own, manage and care for the buildings and employ the team members that provide skilled nursing care to those in our communities who require it in the short and long term.

Focused Care Mission and Values

  • That the skilled nursing care we provide not only aims to improve your health outcomes but contributes to a meaningful experience and quality of life.
  • That our environment promotes dignity and self-respect in the form of compassionate, personalized care.
  • That we value the individual and regard listening and communication as important components of care.
  • That our resident-centered approach to care honors the individual and collaborates with family members and loved ones.
  • That you know we see you as the most valuable resource in skilled nursing care and are key to the success of caring for our residents.
  • That we support a culture of respect for you in the workplace and the community.
  • That you are recognized when you strive for excellence every day with every patient and encouraged to have pride in your accomplishments.
  • That we value your ideas, will listen to your concerns and work to ensure you always feel a part of the Focused Care Team.
  • That performance excellence can lead to opportunities for greater education and advancement at Focused Care.
  • That Focused Care evaluates all team members based on how they meet our mission and care goals regardless of race, religion, ethnicity and other backgrounds.
  • That central to Focused Care’s mission is strong, accountable leadership that is aligned with our values and principles.
  • That Focused Care dedicates time and resources to educating and supporting our leadership team in the quest to maintain facility and corporate integrity with regard to all operational rules and procedures.
  • That open dialogue among our central office, leadership and team members will serve to inspire innovative ideas as we all strive for excellence within the Focused Care family and our surrounding communities.
  • That we support an on-the-ground approach to leadership and organization that stays close to the roots of our mission: excellence in patient care.
  • That Focused Care strives to be a model of excellence in the delivery of long term care in the communities we serve.
  • That our facilities, team members, leadership and central office value the history of our respective communities, embrace the cultural attributes each community offers, and pledge to be upstanding citizens actively contributing to the betterment of all.
  • That our community partners see us as a valuable resource as we continue to maximize opportunities for health care education, professional development and a supportive long term care infrastructure.

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